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search engine optimization technique 3


We now know we can easily out optimize this #1 ranked website!

... At least for all the onpage optimization factors that Google deems as important. The reason we know we can out optimize them is because of the following things we've found out by

1. The website is not using the keyword "weight loss stories" in an <h1> header tag.
2. The website did not use <alt> image tags containing the keyword "weight loss stories".
3. The website did not place the keyword "weight loss stories" at the very end of the page.
4. The website has a low Page Rank of 4, which can be beaten. We can easily achieve a Page Rank of 5. I'll show you the exact steps for this in the coming chapters.

The website is ranked with their subpage (Weight_loss_success_story.htm). By optimizing our index page for this keyword, we can one up them.

Remember, the main idea behind ranking well on Google is to analyze the top ranked websites to find out exactly what they're doing and then do those things, BUT just a little better to one up them and obtain a better ranking.

We'll continue to go through the same process for the other 2 keywords we've found. It is best to analyze the top 5 ranking websites for each keyword.

Note: If the top 5 websites for a specific keyword have a Google Page Rank of 6 or higher, it's probably not best to shoot for that keyword until we build some momentum and get some initial traffic from the easier ranking keywords with less competition, like I mentioned earlier.

Above I mentioned that keyword research was very important in building traffic. Some other very good resources for building keywords and finding niche phrases include the following:
(web-based version of
Cost: Free

based version goodkeywords
One Time Cost: $87

keyword locator tutorial
Monthly Cost: $52.70

wordtracker collection

That wraps up chapter 1 and the first steps you need to follow in order to choose which keywords you're going to target. This is probably the most crucial step in optimizing any website. You MUST build a solid foundation by selecting the keywords with the right amount of competition or you're doomed for failure.

Ok, let's move on to chapter 2!

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