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history of programming languages javascript

history of JavaScript
javascript introduce in the first by Netscape, which is in 1995. in the first language that is now in a JavaScript is called "Livescript" that functions as a simple language for the browser Netscape Navigator 2. browser is a browser that is very popular at that time. And are in line with the incessant cooperation between Netscape and Sun (the developer pemograman language "java") at that time, then on 4 December 1995 the name Netscape "Javascript" to the language. At the same time, Microsoft tried to own the technology they call as "Jscript" in their browser is Internet Explorer 3. JavaScript itself is a modification of the language programming C + + with the pattern of the simple language of programming C + + is.

JavaScript is a programming language specifically for use in web pages to become more alive. If viewed from the tribe said, Javascript is comprised of two syllable, and that is Java Script. Java is a programming language is object-oriented, while the script is a set of programming instructions.

Developed by the JavaScript in Netscape, as a programming language "simple" because it can not make an application or applet. However, with the javascript, we can create an interactive web page easily.

Differences in JavaScript and Java
Java and javascript have some differences. Java is a programming language that is designed for fast execution and writing security. Seen the writing on the security of a command "int" in a reference to the object or taking a special memory space by reducing the number of Java byte codes.

The program has a java classes and methods are exclusive. Java also need equipment to make a declaration, the class method of writing, writing, and ensure the security. It makes java programs appear complex and less user friendly so that it tends to require a hierarchy or some collection of objects.

javascript has a high ability to write even if only in a few lines in the dynamic course. This is seen from the program or Hyper Talk dBase. Programming language the script is also in the complete equipment. that could facilitate users from various circles. Among them there is a simple syntax, functions specifically installed, and needs at least a need to create an object.

Note the comparison with the programming language java javascript on the table below.




Diterjemahkan oleh Client (tidak di kompilasi)


Kompilasi di server sebelum di eksekusi di Client


Bekerja pada objek.


Applets di pisahkan dari HTML (di akses dari halaman HTML)


Kode mempergunakan objek-objek built-in, dan dapat di kembangkan tetapi tidak di perlukan kelas-kelas


Tipe-tipe variabel data harus di deklarasikan


Ikatan dinamis (dynamic binding)


Ikatan statis (static binding)


Referensi objek di cek pada alur waktu


Referensi objek harus ada pada waktu yang di kompilasi

JavaScript Implementation
In client applications for navigator, javascript statement written in a web page the user can respond to commands such as mouse movement, input form, and navigation HTML pages.

For example you can write a javascript function to verify that someone had written information in a form field on the e-mail address and zip code number. without any network transmission, an HTML page complete with any posts in the javascript that can interpret the text in the write on the page and give the look of text when the text dialog rejection of the earlier write one. In addition, you can also take the javascript command for an action (such as play sound files, execute an applet, or communicate with other plug-in) as the response from the open a web page or closing the page by internet users.

Things that need to be noticed
There are several things to note in the processing of javascript programming, such as javascript is case sensitive ", which means that javascript distinguish uppercase and lowercase letters. If you ever learned about programming, such as turbo C or C++, the programming language, and specify that in the letter Q is not the same with the letter t. rule applies also in the programming language Javascript. For example, the function of the var should not be written in the Var and also can not write in the Var (all uppercase). Var is the correct (all lowercase). The command is not new Date may write in the new date (all lowercase). And many others.

Usually there is a long time in the browser <- -> is used if your browser does not support javascript. Tag in HTML comment tags are, so will not be in the execution by the web browser. An example is written as below.

<SCRIPT language="javascript">
Your script
// -->

Editor of the use of javascript in the very many. For example, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Editplus, Notepad and many others. However, the author suggests to use the Notepad editor. This is so you can understand and to be primitive in the creation of web documents.

In this book I did not discuss about the HTML language with suspicion you have understand it. In addition, the book also discusses HTML has been outstanding so if you understand less about HTML language you can get it easily.

Advantages and disadvantages
Each programming language has certain excess or deficiency, as well as javascript. Among others the following:
a. quickly, because in place in the HTML, and can try on in your browser.
b. Easy, because it has little syntax.
c. Open, (platform independent).
d. Size is very small when compare with the programs java.

While the lack of javascript programming language such as this below.
a. can not make the application independently
b. javascript object, which is managed very limited
c. script can be copy or to copy from a web browser, so that everyone can use javascript program that we have created.

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