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understanding of many technologies

90 nm
90 nm manufacturing process to show the size of the 90 nm chip is a logical effect of moore's law where the standard was 130 nm and is 65 nm. The smaller manufacturing process, the circuit can in the Planting into the chip will be more and more and the more quickly through the narrow gate processor. The narrow gate, then the processor will be off on the fast. 90 nm manufacturing process in use in many large scale integration, manufacturing, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Chromotion CE Video Display Engine
Technology to display multimedia content with the way the various tools at each level of the video. This process consists of the MPEG-2 decoding for DVD playback using the CPU redah ago have Adptive De-Interlacing and Video Deblocking, to the process of playback on a bright variety of types of display.

Formerly known as the lighting in the data transport, bus pad is a computer with high bandwidth, low letensi, two-way serial / parallel. This technology is used by AMD, Transmeta, NVIDIA, and others. Hipertransport walk in the 200-1400 Mhz and work double as DDR, which means that can transmits data when the clock rise or descend. Karna double data rate that can be produced for 2800 2800 Mtransfer / s.

In the video card, pipeline consists of several kinds of arithmetic units that will implement some level operations such as calculations redering light, etc. redering.

Pixel Shader
The program in use on graphics to determine the 3D surface in the end this is a pixel of the object or image. This is also including in the case of lighting, shadow mapping, etc. .. structures.

Included in the Technology Drivestation Via, is a native Serial RAID solution for integrated into the chipset. V-RAID provide performance benefits in terms of data security and self-raid system, but with a more star-up process simple. V-RAID supports RAID levels 0, Raid level 1, level raid 0 +1, and JBOB configuration.

Formerly named Longhorn Display Driver Model, are features that allow the visual effects on the desktop in the graphics hardware to adjust the ad. For example the display windows will be more rich vista on hardware that has the ability to compare DX9 applications applications applications in graphics hardware is just ordinary.

Field far from most people who saw the object, or also called the background. The bottom layer is referred to as background.

Setting the standards of an application or operating system. Users beginners to highly recommend using the default settings does not because the setting is rarely the default settings for the best performance of the application or operating system.

In the world of photography, the lens filter is in the additional use for creating a particular effect, for example, color blue color of the sky, the reflection of light on shiny objects, and others. Similarly, in photoshop, use the filter to create a certain effect on the image that has an effect.

Field most closely with the people who saw the object. If there are two or more layers, the layer is located above the foreground.

Layer on the paper work in image editing applications. Layer can contain the image that, when the combine with the other layer will form the whole picture. Layer can be transparent or solid.

Acronym of "picture element", is one point in a straight grid that contains thousands of dots that form the image on the display screen by the computer or on paper in the show by the printer, the pixel is a small element that appears or that can be printed in the manipulation of the hardware or software to produce letters, numbers, or the picture. Pixels in a field also.

The process of computing the result Termination tool tool back to the default condition (the beginning).

A link to any of the access will be on your computer or on the network, such as programs, files, folders, disk drivers, web pages, printer, or another computer. Shortcuts you can put anywhere, like on the desktop, start menu or in a folder.

Field in the bottom margin of each page in the document. You can add images or text in the footer, such as page number, date, company logo, document title or file name, or the name of the author in print at the bottom of each - each page in the document.

Field in the top margin of each page in the document. You can add text or image in the header, such as page number, date, company logo, document title is the name of the file, or the name of the author in print at the top of each document page.

Empty space around the page edge. In general, you can enter text and images in the field of print in the margin. However, some pages may positioned as an example in the margin, header, footer, and page number.

Basis in each of the documents in microsoft office. Templates determine the basic structure for a document and contains document settings such as autotext entry, type font, a task - the task lock, macro, menu page layout, special format, and style.

The menu bar at the top of the screen that contains a list of commands that associate with the button in the image. Toolbar can contain the graphical keys, menus, or a combination of buttons and menus.

File that contains one or more worksheet you can use to manage various types of information are interrelated. You can type and edit data on several worksheets simultaneously and perform calculations based on data from several other worksheets.

Primary document you use in MS Exel to store and work with data. Also called spredsheet. Worksheet consists of cells arranged into columns - the columns and rows - the row. Worksheet is always stored in the workbook.

Stands for third generation. Mobile phone technology is capable of providing data and voice and non voice such as email, video and instant messaging. 3g Standard consists of the UMTS (W-CDMA), CDMA 2000, and TD-SCDMA.

Aacplus or is the codec in the MPEG standardization by the name HigHT effeciecy AAC. This codec can operate at a very low bitrate and very good for radio stereaming. Aacplus the claim can be - can produce better quality bitrate at 48kbps in MP3 appeal with bitrate 128 kbps

ASUS Splendid Video inteligence
ASUS's exclusive technology that is effective to show the human skin color, sky blue, grass carpet, and other objects. This technology provides the capability to the video card to increase the color depth and color intensity in real time.

Digital sound processor
Mikroprocessor which are able to manipulate digital signals auto, correct or modify in accordance with one's own.

AAC stands for enhanced, introduce in the 3GPP standard as in 2004.

Stands for enhanced data rates for GSM Evolution, is a mobile phone technology which acts as the increase in the 2G network, and 2.5 G. This technology can work on CDMA and GSM networks. EDGE that is known as EGPRS, GPRS in the top and work on all networks have GPRS capability.

Voters who do not want in the right or electronic signals can also disrupt the acoustic sound in audio systems. Meanwhile, the video system, noise can be a display such as snow.

Stands for Static Random Access Memory. Said static memory shows this process does not need such as the DRAM refresh. SRAM memory is faster because it can provide the access time for 10 ns, 60 ns DRAM while. The weakness of the SRAM is charged on the needs of a larger and a more expensive price.

Stands for Advanced Audio Coding Low Complexity. Promote the audio codec is the successor to MP3 HigHT to medium bitrate. While the LC itself means that the format of one of the ACC's most simple and most in life.

Adobe Stock Photos
Service from adobe that gives you access to the web such as images stockbyte, thinkstock, digitalvision and others. Each time you search for adobe stock photos, he will find a collection of websites that all work together with the website, the website.

Google earth
Are a virtual globe program that downloading for free. Map of the show by google earth map of the whole earth is in that way can paste images from satellite imagery, air photography and GIS over a 3D world. Previously known in the earth viewer, google earth in developed by Keyhole, inc., A company in the acquisition by Google, this program began in the name of google earth in the year 2005 and can be on the road on a computer with microsoft operating systems in 2000 or XP, Mac OS X and Linux over the 103.9 (in the release on 12 June 2006)

Multiprotocol label switching is a mechanism of data that exceeds the attempt of some property of a circuit switced network. MPLS working on a screen OSI model, which is common in the set for use as layer 2 (data link layer) and layer 3 (network layer), also called bias in the protocol as a layer in the MPLS 2.5 combine to create a data service for circuit-based clients and packet swicthing provide clients with datagram service.

Open XML
Microsoft Office Open XML, often abbreviated with the file extension.docx, is an export / import (non native) file format that will be used at the time microsoft office 2007 released. Microsoft has decided that the Open XML standard will be open, and has been in ECMA base, a process of standardization of the format. Microsoft has stressed that the open will be in XML format to ask the ISO.

Contact the Virtual Private Network, is a private communication network that is usually in use in different company or organization, to communicate through a wider network. VPN message traffic can take through the public network infrastructure (the Internet) on the standard protocol, or through a network of private service providers in the service level agreement (SLA) between the VPN customer and the service provider's VPN.

Latest AMD socket in a release on 23 May 2006. socket support for use of AMD's desktop processor, and have as many as 940 pins. of the main features of this connector is support DDR2 memory.

DDR III is the name of the standard in developing the DDR3 as DDR2's successor, 512 MByte DDR3 prototype chip that runs at 1066MHz in by samsung introduce in 2005. memory is 40% more screen saver from the DDR2, and because in production with 80nm
, this chip works on a lower voltage is 1.5 volt. With the low voltage on the need to improve in the expected age of the battery on mobile devices.

Graphics Processor Unit or also in a VPU (visual processing unit), a processor on a video card that is used on a personal computer (PC) or cosule game, at the beginning of its development in the use GPU for 2D image generate, but now almost all the GPU using the transitor there is in it to calculate the 3D image.

Light Emiting a diode is a semi-conductor spectrum that emit light when not in uniform on the use of electronics to the front. This effect will produce electroluminescence. Dar a light color in use depending on the chemical composition of materials used semi Conducting. And can almost see ultraviolet or infrared.

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